Why Partner With Us?

By working with Osprey Global and its team of dedicated services providers you are assured of our utmost customer service level at all times. We treat all requests with confidence and individual clients or candidates will never be compromised on any strategic or sensitive matters. Our in-house team work cohesively and share their skills and industry experience to deliver quality and responsive services to both clients and candidates.

We strive to provide innovative solutions to identify and locate the most suitable solutions we are able to source both nationally and internationally. By placing your trust in our company we will do all we can to satisfy the opportunity you have given us. Our aim is to establish and build long-term relationships, to understand your company or personal needs and help you achieve your objectives. We strive to become your training, competence and recruitment services provider of choice.

Our Methodology

Our objective is to work with client representatives in order to better understand their business objectives, company culture, employee profile, specific industry skills/experiences and company recruitment and training processes. By establishing and building this customer relationship model, then we are suitably placed to more effectively support all resource needs and other associated services.

As a candidate you have given us the opportunity and trust to help satisfy your employment and career growth needs. In return Osprey Global will work closely with you to assess your suitability/capability for any position you apply for or any position we contact you about. We protect your interests and do all we can to find the best and most suitable position(s) we have access to. We treat you with dignity and respect at all times plus work in your best interests and authorisations.

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