Skills Training and Operational Readiness

Acquisition of Skills

It is essential that all personnel fully understand the function and operation of all plant, processes and equipment on site. This is a key component of ‘site competence’ and is vital for site safety and effectiveness. The Skills Enhancement training ‘on-site’ is part of an individual’s Training 

Osprey can provide a range of services and products that will meet the needs of: 

Site Specific Training Material  - Site Specific Training Material must be designed so that it can be utilised for the life cycle of the process, plant or project. It can be used for ‘on-training’ for new hires and inter-department/section training in the years following start-up and handover. 

Site Specific and ‘Hands-On’ Training - Osprey will provide technical subject matter experts, who are also trainers, to deliver the underpinning knowledge, site skills and hands-on training to the workforce. 

Vendor Training Coordination - One of the most difficult aspect to manage and control is the training that is provided by vendors and suppliers. If not managed correctly there could be huge cost implication and penalties.



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