Approach to Training

Osprey Approach to Training

Training  needs to be targeted and effective to ensure there is a real and tangible return on the investment made by a company  its personnel. Often training is just a ‘necessary evil’ and personnel may take courses and programs that are not needed or required. Therefore Ospreys courses and programs are aimed at leading to ‘workplace competence’, with real practical outcomes.

Our training leads to Competence, which is a persons acquisition of sufficient knowledge, skills and experience to perform work place tasks and functions to the standard expect by the company that employs them.

Whilst ‘face-to-face’ training delivery is very necessary, it should only be of sufficient duration as to  allow the participant to gain ‘underpinning knowledge’  and then apply the knowledge to gain skills and Experience.

We utilise modern technologies and methodologies in our courses and programs that allow for  flexible, self paced delivery, to fit the individuals needs.

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