Technical Competence


Osprey Competence Consultants provide a leading edge approach to providing a competent workforce, for any project, by using ‘competence’ as the cornerstone for the development of a person’s knowledge, skill and experience, which are tailored to a client’s specific requirements.

Training programs and events are no longer sufficient in today’s environment. Corporations and enterprises are now required by regulators to demonstrate that their workforce can safely and effectively preform the tasks and functions against a set of recognised procedures, specific to that operation.

Osprey will provide a ‘competent workforce’ at the commencement of completions or commissioning and will provide ongoing support to ensure the workforce remains competent during operations.

We utilise competence as the platform from recruitment to completion/operations and beyond by the implementation of a number of Osprey created methodologies, techniques and procedures. 

It is recognized that our client may already have a number of these function and processes in place. If that is the case, our range of services can support or enhance that which is already existing or develop processes or systems that ensure alignment at handover


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