Training Delivery Methodologies

Training Delivery Methodologies - The methods of training delivery will be dependent on the client’s needs and requirements, but be all or any number of the following: 

  • Classroom (Theory)
  • CBT
  • Serious Game Based Learning
  • Vendor
  • Simulator (OTS)
  • Practical
  • OJT (Hands On) 

Electronically Enhanced Training Delivery (EETD) – we live in a era here the use of digital technology is expected in all training delivery, so as to meet the needs of program participants within the work pressures and demands. Osprey can provide a fully electronic ally enhanced training delivery using:

  • Intrinsically safe tablets
  • Voting and poling technology for instant progress and feed back on live courses
  • Swipe card access to training material, Training Management System (TMS) and Competence Management System (CMS)
  • Instant results uploads from test and exams
  • Instant outcome uploads for competence assessments



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