Under Graduates and Graduates Capabilities

Osprey Approach to Professional Capabilities

The development of the ‘individual and work’ is the focal point of capability. It is essential that they have skills and competences that are transportable, transposable and adaptable to meet the needs of a vocation, rather than an occupation.

Capabilities are centered in three domains, rather than specific units of competency, and are an enhancement of current qualifications.

1. Knowledge Base of Practice: this is the theoretical knowledge needed for the field of practice, but also for higher-level study within the occupation.

2. Technical Competence: this is the technical and procedural knowledge, industry skills, or the ability to perform particular roles and tasks that transcend particular workplaces.

3. Attributes: the person needs for that occupation or profession: this includes attributes such as:

  • ethical practice;
  • effective interaction skills;
  • decision making;
  • situational problem solving;
  • knowledge transfer
  • work autonomously;
  • creativity;

These are the types of attributes that are enablers of are transportability, transposability and adaptability of technical knowledge and competence.


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