Professional Capabilities - Philosophy

Osprey Approach to Professional Capabilities

There is a global move away from using competence as an industrial qualification currency and a shift towards the notion of using ‘capabilities’.  This move is not restricted to the VET sector qualification, but also applies to the academic streams and professions.

VET qualifications are based on competency-based training, which assumes a direct link between qualifications and jobs: individuals are trained for specific workplace tasks, and VET qualifications.

However, the reality is very different, as there is variation in how the qualifications are linked to each other and to the demand in the labor market.

The competence model is based on the ‘skills and knowledge an experienced person needs to perform effectively in the workplace’ Competency-based qualifications consist of units of competency, which describe specific workplace requirements, tasks or roles and the knowledge and skills needed to perform those roles required in specific jobs.

The broader ‘capability’ approach focuses instead on ensuring that students/graduates have the broad-ranging knowledge, skills and attributes they need for a range of related occupations.

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