Competence Assurance Program

Osprey Competence Assurance Program

A Competence Assurance Program is Quality Assurance – but with regards to people, not systems. 

The key difference between a Competence Program and a Competence Assurance Program is that the processes and system are verified (audited), internally or external by a trained verifier. This ensures that all aspects of the assessment process complies with the framework and guidelines laid down and the assessors are conducting assessment appropriately. 

The verifier can be a trained member of management of the company or enterprise, or by an external 3rd Party. 
Some regulators are requesting that operators provide evidence of continuing competence of the workforce and a Competence Assurance Program is the preferred method. 

External Program Verification -  Should a client need/require their Competence Assurance Program to be externally verified, Osprey can provide the verifiers and reporting systems to meet those needs. 

Verifier Training - Often clients conduct their own in house verification, for confidentiality or ownership of the system reasons. Osprey can provide accredited or non- accredited verifier training, according to the clients requirements.

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